This week :

Saturday, April 19th at the Brunswick Winter Market at Ft. Andross on Maine St. 9am-12:30 – Please note: Today we are participating in an event to raise funds in support of Serendipity Acres after a devastating fire. Please visit the fundraising table at the Brunswick Winter Market.

  • Spring Day Blues – American Cheese Society award-winner, 2011
  • Truman Day Tomme – natural rind, mild aged cheese
  • Evangeline- ashed, soft-ripened cheese
  • Fresh curds – on special today!
  • Fromage blanc
  • Halloumi – grilling and frying cheese
  • Non-fat yogurt
  • Mistral – a new tomme
  • La Vie en Rose- American Cheese Society winner, 2012
  • Nom de Plume – washed rind (formerly known as Basket Case)



NPR report on Maine cheese industry 

Sun Journal article, 30 September 2012 – with video


Spring Day Creamery’s “Vie en Rose” wins award!

We’re happy to announce that Spring Day Creamery won 1st place for its Vie en Rose mixed rind cheese in the original recipe category at the American Cheese Society 2012 competition in Raleigh, North Carolina!¬† Turner Farm Creamery and Pineland Farms Creamery also returned home with awards!

Check out the complete list of 2012 winners.